smoking meat for spring break 2009

Our seasonal campers are sharing recipes that we use during the season at Eagle's Roost Campground (Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia).

Browse, try them out and leave a comment on the page for the cooks--we appreciate kudos and kind words.
Please feel free to add a recipe of your own as well, if you feel so inclined! Simply click on "put your recipe here" in the menu at the left, and then begin writing. When you finish, click "save." We'll move it a new page with your name, so be sure to identify yourself.

OR you can set up a wikispaces account (free), the click on join this wiki and then make your own page. :-)
I would really love to add some of my followers recipes is that possible?
Meanwhile I would love to leave my guide if it's not an issue SEO for Food Bloggers
Thanks a million!!!